No other emerging high-tech field in recent memory has garnered as much attention as AI. That’s because no other has the same potential for affecting such an enormous permanent influence on society. It’s no wonder then that AI & ML hiring is taking on more importance as the demand for highly skilled professionals reflects an expanding list of positions. AI/ML staffing is growing alongside the field it serves and CognITek has placed great emphasis on its implementation.


Through our network of qualified AI, ML, & NLP experts we have supported unique requirements for both Federal and Commercial applications.

AI/ML Past Performance:

  • Use of technology and AI/ML for early identification of infection and prediction of likely treatments
  • Use of AI/ML at big data scale to optimize awareness, response and performance of predictive marketing platform.
  • Use of AI/ML/NLP and creative Algorithm Design to provide rapidly evolving Health and Medical information to Practitioners globally
  • Development of statistical models to determine potential failure modes
  • Application of predictive model & data analysis algorithms