Your First Line of Defense

Since the onset of the world wide web, there has been cybercrime. But in the decades since the advent of computing, cyber threats have grown from a nuisance pursued by lone actors to a legitimate international business threat, and a staple in the playbook of hackers, terrorists, and rogue nation states.

  • Over 7 million cyber attacks occurred last year alone
  • Over half of these victims and businesses suffered financial loss

To prevent these violations, you need human capital trained and current in cyber security operations.  Further, you need a recruiting partner that understands the threat and risk associated with cyber security related vulnerabilities.

Cyber security human capital: your first line of defense

Most businesses view their first line of defense against cyber-attacks as a firewall, an authentication system, or an IPS. These are all important and effective tools, but a determined hacker is likely to find a way around them. Rather, it is your people: trained specialists with experience in protecting systems applications and data, who can develop strategies that prevent intrusion where they can – and provide a clear and definitive response in those rare cases where they can’t.

Finding these people is challenging. Cyber security experts are in short supply. In order to land a top notch cyber security candidate – and experts in this area are almost always already at top companies – likely requires more resources than your talent acquisition team can dedicate. That’s where CognITek comes in…

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Cyber Security Professionals

For job seekers seeking cyber security related positions, our cyber security recruiting team can find opportunities that are not just another assignment, but part of a long-range career strategy.

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