Uncover and Retain the Best Talent

Our in-depth process helps you achieve your staffing goals. Our proprietary approach can be customized to meet your organization’s specific needs.

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  • We work with you and your hiring leaders to develop a detailed understanding of specific needs, roles, success drivers, hard & soft skills, experience, certifications, budgets, and the hiring process
  • We the formulate a detailed plan of exactly how we will identify and attract the right candidates for your team


  • We develop a tailored sourcing strategy leveraging both technology and well-honed classic recruiting skills
  • This ongoing process identifies and engages with a pool of talent that is aligned to your needs


  • Our experienced recruiters utilize a multifaceted screening process to provide the right talent
  • This includes an initial screen, an in-depth technical screen and a final in-depth interview
  • For senior leadership roles, one of our co-founders will conduct the final interview


  • Based on the results of our screening process, we objectively select the top candidates for your need(s)
  • We only present the best candidates to you to maximize your selection experience


  • Our goal is your success, so our job does not stop once a candidate is hired
  • In collaboration with you, we conduct periodic ‘health checks’ with our placed candidates to ensure they are successful
  • By facilitating the hiring process for you we not only streamline your time to fill; but also greatly increase your employment brand